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      CAPP : Certified Advanced PLC Programmer - Allen Bradley ?Control Logix

      Topics Covered

      Topic Mode

      • Introduction to PLC hardware and role in automation

      • Architectural Evolution of PLC

      • Introduction to the field devices attached to PLC

      Presentation and physical observations

      • PLC Fundamentals - (Block diagram of PLC's)

      • Detail information about PLC components
       → Power supply, CPU, I/Os, Communication bus

      • Various ranges available in PLC’s

      Practical demonstration on hardware

      • Identifying Logix System hardware and software Components

      Practical demonstration

      • Types of Inputs & outputs / Source Sink Concepts

      • Wiring of the I/O devices

      Practical on PLC's

      • Concept of flags

      • Scan cycle execution

      Practical on PLC's

      Operation and Maintenance of PLC

      Topic Mode

      • Setting up PLC's/Connecting CPU, I/O modules, Rack, Backplane and Communication bus

      Practical ?Assembling PLC

      • Connecting Field devices to PLC's I/Os

      • Configuring Local 1756-I/O Modules

      Practical - Physical wiring

      • Connecting a Computer to a Communications Network

      • Installing and to starting the programming terminals

      • Creating & Modifying an RSLogix new project

      • Transferring a Project File to a Logix5000 Controller

      Practical ?Installation of software

      • Identifying the status of PLC and communication bus

      Practical on PLC's

      • Creating Tags & Monitoring Data in an RSLogix 5000 Project

      • Forcing of the I/O’s

      Practical on Software

      • Managing RSLogix 5000 Project Files

      • Back up of the programs and reloading

      Practical on PLC's

      Programming / Project Development

      Topic Mode

      • Creating various Tasks

      • Organizing Data

      • Entering, Editing, & Verifying Ladder Logic

      • Configuring Logix5000 Controllers to Share Data

      • Configuring a Message

      • Documenting & Searching for Project Components

      Practical – Programming terminal

      Ladder Logic Programming/Interpretation

      • Identifying Programming Strategies & Techniques

      • Documenting & Searching Ladder Logic

      • Programming Basic Instructions

      • Programming Timer & Counter Instructions

      • Programming Program Control Instructions

      • Programming Compare Instructions

      • Programming Compute & Math Instructions

      • Programming Move Instructions

      • Programming with Advance Instruction Set

      Practical – Programming terminal

      • Function Block Programming

      • Creating a Function Block Diagram

      • Programming Logical Function Block Instructions

      • Programming Timer & Counter Function Block Instructions

      • Programming Analog Function Block Instructions

      • Programming Timing Modes in a Function Block Instruction

      • Programming & Monitoring an RMPS (Ramp/Soak) Function Block Instruction

      • Controlling Program Flow Using Function Block Instructions

      Practical – Programming terminal

      Introduction to industrial networking

      • Identifying Industrial Networks for Use in a Logix5000 System

      Theory session

      • Introduction to DeviceNet, EtherNet & DHRIO

      • Devicenet configuration & use.

      • EtherNet configuration & use

      • DHRIO Configuration & use

      • Messaging over networks

      Practical ?Demonstration on network

      ControlNet Configuration, Scheduling & Troubleshooting

      • Basics of networks

      • Modules & Media

      • Addressing of nodes

      • Scheduling

      • Downloading/ uploading schedule

      • Troubleshooting

      Practical ?Demonstration on network

      Programming / Project Development

      Topic Mode

      ControlLogix Troubleshooting

      • Interpreting Project Organization & Execution

      • Monitoring Arrays & Tags of User-Defined Data Types

      • Editing Ladder Logic Online

      • Troubleshooting Controller Problems

      • Monitoring GSV/SSV Instructions

      • Forcing I/O & Toggling Bits

      • Troubleshooting I/O Module Problems

      • Troubleshooting Power Supply Problems

      • CPU, I/O module replacements

      • Fault detection and error handling

      Practical on PLC

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